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A quick guide to Hempire

On June 26, 2018, Posted by , In Gaming, With No Comments

A quick guide to Hempire

Well, if you love to smoke weed then now this is the time to grow weed on your farms. Don’t worry weed is entirely legal. This wasn’t a joke. You can grow weed legally in Hempire, and this game is a farming game where you’ve to be playing this game wsith much activeness. This is not a kid playing game, and it can give you much of a hard time. There are many things that you should know in order to be the best player in official page.

Try growing weed and trading all over the world and top the leaderboard. Compete with strangers and play with your friends and take over them by progressing in the game. So here we’ve come up with few tips and tricks for you all to help you get started with this game. Let us get to it –

·         When you’re playing this game for the first time, then go through a tutorial, and it will give you a walkthrough of the whole game. Don’t miss out on this as this is one of the most important things in this game which will set up your first building, i.e., Handy Mandy Shop.

·         There are many things that you can do to earn your currencies and try to earn as much as you can. You can earn diamonds by watching videos, and it will give you two diamonds for each video you watch.

·         The most important part of this game is your farm, and all you need to do is to take care of your weed. Hempire cheats will help you a lot in this game to grow much faster.

Bottom Line

These above-mentioned tips and tricks are enough to master this game. Hope you find this guide helpful. Stay tuned for more such stuff.s


Choices Stories you play – A General Walkthrough

On June 20, 2018, Posted by , In Gaming, With No Comments

Choices Stories you play – A General Walkthrough

Choices Stories You Play is one of the top grossing games in the gaming market. You’ll love it for sure once you’ve started playing this game. There are many games like this in the market but this game is somewhat different from other and you should be playing this game on a better platform. There are many new things in this game and you’re going to love these all for sure. This game can be played on a Smartphone and is available for both google play and itunes platforms.

This game comes with such amazing graphics and super cool gameplay which makes this game more awesome. There are 3 stories to play from in this game and you should be playing them in your own way. The first story is a romance story where you’ll be acting as a college student and you’re going to love it a lot. The second book is a thriller genre and you will be playing the role of a detective. The third book is all about fantasy and makeup alliances.

Here we’ve collected some tips and tricks that will help you get better at this game. So let’s get started-

•    Try to complete as many chapters as you can and you’ll be needing diamonds to open up other chapters. So this can be a lot more helpful to let you earn diamonds with Choices Hack 2018.

•    Don’t ever think to make a wrong move thinking of that you’ll change it by replaying your game. There is no replay so you have to be smart enough to play nice and clear.

•    Move between stories whenever you feel bored about such game and try to keep changing as we humans have a tendency of wanting new things and get bored of same things.

•    Wait for your keys to regenerate as they will give you 1 key every 3 hours so you should be waiting for keys till they fill up and use them. Once you’ve started doing this then you can repeat this to be a better player.

•    This is a role-playing game and you should be playing your role much better than all other players in order to play like a pro and make some good points to win the game.

Bottom Line

There are many games like these but this game comes with a totally different scenario. Hope you liked this guide.

Important Things About The Fortnite

On June 3, 2018, Posted by , In Gaming, With No Comments

Important Things About The Fortnite

The Fortnite is a popular game and it is played by people all over the world. In Official page this game is developed by combined efforts of Epic Games and People Can Fly. The individuals can easily access this particular game on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, MacOS and Xbox One. You are able to get it easily with the help of online sources. The game is including lots of exciting with features with high definition graphics.

Better graphics are helpful in getting the best experience and enjoy activities in the virtual world. By playing the game, the players are able to get better battle related content. In the game, the players need to be focused on different types of things. Proper focus can be helpful in surviving long and winning the battle. In following paragraphs I’m going to mention some of these.

Focus on the battle area

In the game, there are different types of restrictions available. The players are required to focus on all these things properly. The most important thing about the battle area is the shrinking feature. After a specific time period, in the battle area starts shrinking. You should stay in the safe area or circle. In case the character is outside the safe zone then the health damage gets started. Try to keep your character inside the blue circle.

Build things around the character

During the battle, the players are able to build different types of objects. You can take help from these objects or buildings in order to get proper cover. As a result, the players can easily avoid the opponents’ attacks and save the health. Here the players are required to make decisions carefully and choose to build beneficial objects only. Some players are making only some walls at different places. It does not become beneficial in all situations. If you want be leader, you you must try Fortnite Cheats.